The Mowafi’s and their network of websites under the MO4 brand name have just launched an online shopping site, Greater Than Fashion.  They describe the website as “this isn’t just a store. It’s a lifestyle. This isn’t just fashion. This is Greater Than Fashion.”  Knowing the boys’ and their womenswear buyer Bosaina II’s style, you can expect the online retailer to sell trendy brands with a younger following such as Mink Pink, Jeremy Scott x Addidas, Crookes & Castles and many more. 

After surfing the website, I appreciate that they are catering to the younger/trendy market here in Egypt and also focusing on men which most local retailers don’t do.  My favorite part of the website is that they do carry brands that no one else does, brands that I am not aware of, but would love to shop.  But then, I got a bit confused as to why they are stocking clothing from commercial stores such as ASOS, Bloomingdales and American Apparel.

I also found the navigation from page to page difficult, slow and not very user friendly.  When I clicked Waiting For the Sun and found 4 glasses and then had to click to view more and then on that page I don’t have the option to view all, I got a bit annoyed.  Yes, I get that is more page views for the website but it is really annoying for the shopper.  Despite my comments, I am aware this is the store’s soft launch and that cooler stock will come in and they will fix their technical issues. 

PS. Greater Than Fashion team, I am personally really looking forward to trendy home accessories!

Now I have to share with you my shopping wish list and then some of the things I find super cool for men!