Men’s Eyebrow Embroidery: Types and Process

Men’s brows, like women’s, are difficult to manage and may need frequent clipping, plucking, or waxing. However, eyebrow embroidery treatments in Singapore deliver results that can potentially last up to two years, allowing you to retain clean brows with little to no maintenance.

Eyebrow Shapes for Men

Despite it being a small portion of your face, eyebrows may significantly impact your entire appearance. Choosing the proper shape may assist in framing your face while also highlighting and enhancing your features. You can review these popular male brow forms to help you decide.

  1. Angular

For males with round features, angular brows are optimal for creating definition and balancing the roundness of their faces. However, if you’re concerned about sharp angles in your brows, try a soft angular shape for a more natural look.

  1. Rectangular

Rounded brows look good on males with square features or more prominent foreheads and eyes. To soften strong angles in your face, choose brows that correspond with your frontal bone and taper gradually at the ends.

  1. Flat

Flat brows balance out the facial characteristics of guys with oval faces. Because these brows have few to no curves, the horizontal lines make your face appear shorter in length.

  1. Gently Bended

Adding minor bends or arches to angular or round brows is one approach to blend brow forms. This technique may be utilised to follow the natural curve of your brows and avoid going against their natural development.

Your face shape might be a fantastic approach to choosing the best brow shape for your face, but keep in mind that it is only a suggestion. At the end of the day, it is your choice and personal preference, so feel free to choose the appearance that makes you feel the most confident.

Eyebrow Embroidery Process for Men

Here’s a step-by-step instruction that embroidery salons use when performing eyebrow embroidery for guys to help you understand how it works:

  1. Consultation and Evaluation

You will have the opportunity to discuss the entire procedure with your Brow Artisan before the treatment. They will first take a before shot of your brows. Then, they will examine your brows and explain the necessary treatment to improve them so they completely frame your face.

  1. Design Mapping and Shaping

After the consultation, you go on to shaping and design mapping. Your Brow Artisan can create two sets of designs on either brow for you to choose from.

  1. The Numbing Procedure

Once you’ve decided on a design, your embroidery artist will apply numbing lotion to your brows to reduce pain during the main procedure. It usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the numbing effect to kick in.

  1. Microblading and Shading Service

Finally, you may unwind as your embroidery artist fills in your brows with semi-permanent colour pigment. During this process, they will utilise shading and microblading methods to produce natural-looking brows.

The entire brow embroidery operation will take an hour to two hours, depending on the consultation phase and the complexity of the treatment. After the treatment, you may appreciate your newly revitalised brows and feel more secure in your own skin.

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