Must-have crop tops for women

Crop tops are one-of-a-kind designer tops for women. From western to traditional Indian wear, crop tops can be styled in different ways and make them a part of different outfit options. You can effortlessly style your crop tops for all occasions, including dates and outings. Crop tops are always in trend. From celebrities and fashionistas to bloggers and dancers, you can find everyone styling them differently and uniquely. In this article, we have discussed some of the different types of crop top styles that you can find in the market.

●       Halter Neck Crop Top

These crop tops have a low back that extends upward, creating a high-low effect. Halter neck crop tops are perfect tops for women for casual outings and regular wear. These crop tops can be worn with denim shorts or torn jeans and are the perfect attire for shopping, outings, or college functions. Additionally, you can pair it with tulip skirts, high-waisted slim-fit jeans, and heels for a more formal occasion.

  • Tube Crop Top

You can create a passionate sporty look or a sophisticated chic look with a tube-style crop top. Bandeau crop tops are the finest option if you have a Friday night or beach party planned. It has the ideal balance for a smart and cosy look. You can wear a tube crop top with wide-leg palazzo pants, shorts, or culottes. It will look wonderful on chilly days when paired with leather skirts and tights or a jacket for a more formal and trendy look.

  • Sequin Crop Tops

Buy one of these sequin crop tops if you’re planning to go out to a club or a fancy social gathering. Sequin crop tops are glossy in appearance and make you stand out from the crowd. To make it work perfectly, pair it with simple high-waisted skirts.

  • Sports Crop Tops

Let us all agree that the sportswear trend is here to stay, with all the top fashion designers supporting it. Matching a sporty crop top with high-waisted denim or joggers, sneakers, and a cute pair of sunglasses will add a touch of sport to your look. These sports crop tops will look fantastic even with shorts and mini skirts.

  • Blouse Crop Tops

The creation of crop tops was one of the best innovations in traditional Indian clothing. Alternatively, you can also wear the saree blouse as a crop top. You can style it elegantly for the next wedding you attend.

Crop top styling advice:

  • Pair your crop tops with high-waisted trousers and skirts for a comfortable yet fashionable college look.
  • For a professional and full office wear style, layer your crop top over shirts and Kurtis over skinny jeans and heels.
  • Crop shirts look best in the summer. You can wear them with some shorts and flip-flops to get ready for the beach.
  • In the winter season, don’t say goodbye to your crop tops. You can create an unusual costume by layering them over warm inners and fitted knit tops. You can also wear them on sweaters and accessorise them with red lipstick and boots.

In this article, we have discussed various unique types of crop tops. They are very comfortable and come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose and style them according to the occasion. Girls, embrace yourself and head over to Vero Moda to shop the latest styles of crop tops.

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