Styling Ideas For a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a limited set of complementary, interchangeable clothing items. These often consist of styling ideas that never go out of style and are primarily composed of neutral colours. With a capsule wardrobe, you can choose a few clothing items to create a variety of outfits. Mastering your style with the help of wardrobe styling los angeles ca and putting together a wardrobe that suits you perfectly even on a bad hair day can take years, even for fashion influencers. 

Capsule wardrobes have long been thought of as minimalist or stripped-down wardrobes, but really, it’s all about ensuring every outfit matches. This feature will look at different capsule wardrobe basics and how to match them to your style. There is no set number of articles one must have, but a curation element is required to make this work. Creating a capsule wardrobe allows you to dress more efficiently, spend less, and make smarter shopping decisions.

6 Types of Clothes For Your Capsule Wardrobe

  • Business Casuals

Business casual includes tailored trousers and a cami top styled with blazers. Business casual is western attire generally worn in workplaces. It also includes traditional casual wear, usually shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses, jackets, sweaters, or blazers. It has become standard in the work environment, especially at the workplace.

  • Active Casual wear

Active casual wear is for the active women who work out in a fitness centre or gym. This outfit is also great for hanging out with friends or shopping after a workout. Tracksuits, jogging suits, running shorts, tennis skirts, jerseys, leggings and cycling shorts are perfect for this type of casual wear and perfect to wear with running shoes.

  • Evening Dresses

Women’s evening dresses come in various styles and colours and are usually long, flowing dresses worn for formal occasions. These include nightgowns and evening gowns, tunics and maxi length dresses. Evening dresses can be worn in formal and informal occasions. 

  • Casual Outwear

Smart casual wear is perfect for many occasions such as meeting up with friends for lunch or casual dinner at a fancy restaurant. Casual tops consist of long-sleeved T-shirts, silk or cotton blouses, turtlenecks, jackets, vests and casual shirts.

  • Semi-Formal dresses

There are many options for semi-formal attire for women. So it can be tricky to decide what’s suitable for each occasion. For simplicity, you can opt for an elegant and fashionable knee-length dress. However, other options exist, such as a smart suit or a sleek pantsuit with a cool top. Semi-formal is just what it sounds like. A style that mixes sophistication and relaxation.

  • College wear

These include pairing cotton pants, capris, drawstring pants, shorts and jeans with t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, polo shirts or button-ups and sweaters. We can choose a combination of sports shoes or sneakers.

The Bottomline

Due to the increasing demand for a capsule wardrobe, apparel manufacturers offer a wide range of casual wear in various designs, styles, colours and patterns at competitive prices. Today’s women need to choose casual wear that fits their current lifestyle to be fashionable while still being comfortable and relaxed.

Many stylists say that your capsule wardrobe should include certain clothing items such as blazers, tops, jeans, dress, tunics, etc. Whether it’s ripped jeans, a well-tailored coat, or the best cashmere sweater, it’s essential to know what suits you well.  Consider what your current wardrobe foundation is. If you love jeans, a tailored selection of denim could form the basis of your capsule wardrobe, but if you love dresses, your capsule wardrobe will end up looking rather different. Therefore your capsule wardrobe should mostly consist of clothes that you are comfortable wearing in everyday life and less based on fabrics you’d rather save for special occasions. Vero Moda has the perfect options for you to build your capsule wardrobe, so get shopping now!


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