Tradie style guide: how to wear cuffed work pants the right way!

Over the past two centuries, cuffed pants have been in and out of fashion countless times. Despite this, men are bringing it back as a symbol of power, class, and style. A key decision is whether or not to buy cuffed pants and how it impacts their style. I hope the guide below helps you wear your cuffed pants tradie style!

Cuffed Work pants

It is a known fact that cuffed work pants are very popular and on-trend these days, not only because of their flattering shapes, stylish silhouettes, but also due to their comfort, and functionality. The best fabrics to go for are lightweight ones. Like 360 DEGREE STRETCH, FREEMOVE™ FABRIC is used in BAD SAVIOUR™ CUFFED ELASTIC WAIST WORK PANTS, which come in a wide range of colours.

Do cuffed work pants make the best choice for tradies?

Many people prefer cuffed work pants owing to the many benefits they impart. Wearers are comfortable, and their legs are protected from being caught in machinery. They also lower the risk of injury when dealing with heavy objects. Cuffed work pants are the most popular and safe choice, but others argue that they don’t provide the same level of safety.

Why are cuffed pants so popular?

Unlike normal pants, cuffed work pants fold the fabric on the leg’s bottom upwards rather than on the inside. Both ready-to-wear and tailored clothing alike often features cuffed pants as a sign of quality. However, they are not quite appropriate with formal pants that are part of a tuxedo when worn outside of work.

How to wear cuffed work pants?

Men’s/Women’s cuffed work pants hem should be slightly slanted to rest on the top of the shoe heel. When making pants with cuffs or adding cuffs to existing pants, it is imperative to have the tailor take into consideration the slant and resting point.

While walking, your cuffs should be long enough to cover your socks, as well as your dress shoelaces. In addition, cuffed pants offer another advantage to those who want to invest in long-term pants. The bottoms of trousers tend to undergo more wear and tear than other parts. If that does happen, you can use the extra fabric tucked into the hem to replace the worn-out fabric and make your pants like new again.

A cuff pant in a more casual style could be paired with a sports coat or blazer to complete your look. Due to their effort and fabric requirements, cuffed pants are associated with high quality and can be worn with any style.

Why choose cuffed work pants from BAD WORKWEAR?


BAD has designed stylish work chino pants to provide their customers with versatile pants that can be worn on and off the tools. With 360 DEGREE STRETCH FREEMOVE™  FABRIC, these pants are lightweight and breathable. Additionally, the men’s cuff work pants feature reinforced pockets, smart rule pockets, and tool pockets.


With an elastic waist and BAD’s proprietary soft super-stretch fabric, BAD designers set a new standard in comfort, style, and durability. Triple stitching and reinforced pockets add extra durability to these women’s work pants. Smartphone pockets, pens, ruler/tool pockets, large utility pockets, and hammer loops are also included. These women’s workwear is not only stylish and comfortable but also practical since they have so much room for tools.

These durable cuff pants come in a variety of colours and with 3M reflective tapes. Just go to BAD WORKWEAR if you wish to know more, or buy cuff pants online. They have a great shipping system that will make your life easier. BAD also has a wide selection of workwear, workboots, and accessories for men and women.

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