A hefty throwback to the top trending footwear styles of 2022

You can easily refresh your appearance by incorporating the newest shoe trends in 2022 into your collection. The primary winter 2022 fashion trends served as inspiration for the wide variety of footwear types this season. The best winter boots and a ton of styles that are suitable for parties are the focus of the fall and winter shoe trends.

You can wear older purchases longer because many of the metro shoe trends from earlier in the year are still popular for the upcoming winter. To update your collection, you’ll need to purchase a few new season types. Your favourite shoe vendors still have everything from lug sole boots to showy platform heels on the shelf.


In spite of being a fairly difficult trend to pull off, kitten heels lend a slightly retro vibe to outfits fit for the office and a party in 2022. This design, which has been teasing us since earlier this year, can seem a touch stale because of its throwback to the ’80s associations.

Choose embellished metro shoes with pointy toes to elongate the legs and modernize the look. However, it’s not only the sneaker that keeps you going until the fall of 2022. To make this appearance more stylish and less boring, consider planning outfits that would look great with kitten heels.


You cannot approach the Christmas season without the best party metro shoes, but fortunately, shoe trends 2022 got the message and came through.

Although party shoes are undoubtedly in style at the end of the year, you can spend money on a fantastic pair of metallic shoes for the winter and continue wearing them for many years. A pair of dancefloor-ready shoes is a necessity for outfits, may it be for family gatherings or professional Christmas parties. They complement both traditional little black dresses and the slip dress, this season’s top ’90s style.


As fall comes to a close and winter approaches, street style and runway trends continue to be heavily influenced by the ’90s, and lace-up boots are unquestionably in the moment. The most fashionable technique to reinvent flowery midi dresses and the most feminine touch to an appearance has been spotted in the lace-up boot.


This season, the thigh truly is the limit, from traditional slightly over-the-knee styles to audacious thigh-high versions and metro boots with a wader-inspired look. However, if you want to show a little less leg, they also look amazing with this season’s miniskirt.

Winter boots made of leather are of the greatest quality and will endure the longest.


Simple ballet pumps, which are at the opposite end of the heel spectrum, recently resurfaced. Ballet pumps were a popular ’90s trend that fell out of style for a while, but since the early ’00s, they are expected to be a huge fashion trend in 2022, so it’s not surprising that they’ve come back. Plus, they’re so comfy that wearing them can feel like slipping into the cosiest pair of slippers, which is pure bliss.

If you’re unsure of what shoes to wear with leggings, ballet pumps are a great option because they look stylish and timeless while going with everything from jeans to skirts. If there are any more queries log onto Metro shoes’ collection to understand what suits you best!

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